In the late 1960's, a young, entrepreneurial college student named Jack Counts, Jr. picked up a camera, took pictures at fraternity parties, had them developed and sold them to fraternity members. Unable to locate a lab that could turn around orders quickly and inexpensively, a makeshift processing lab was fashioned and the trademarked photographs called "Party Pics®" were born.

Soon a promising business emerged as one campus became two, and three, then four, until colleges, universities, and high schools across the country were photographed during graduation ceremonies, parties, special events, groups (bands, teams, cheer squads, etc.) and processed at this very cutting edge processing lab.

Candid Color Systems® was established in 1972 and has been the leader in special events photo finishing and photography for 40 years. Our goal has been to provide our customers with fast, premium quality photofinishing and, simultaneously, provide marketing methods and tools, which results in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our customer philosophy is that "Our customers are our partners and friends. We exist solely because of our customers and we are only successful when they are successful." Candid Color's goal is the same as its customers' – to grow their business profitably.

After years of success in special events photography, Candid Color Systems® introduced a new company targeting the female portrait market called Glamour Shots®. Knowing that women liked to be pampered, Counts' new business filled a niche in the formal photography business by offering a complete session to its customers which included a personalized consultation, makeover, hairstyling, wardrobe changes, a fun photography session followed by the customers viewing their proofs right after their session and ordering their pictures the same day.

Candid Color takes the lead in offering ongoing new products and services. We keep our customers ahead of the competition with new innovative products including Attitude Pano, Level Two™ portraits, Spotlight Memory Mates and more. With custom titles, custom designs, and state-of-the-art programs for proofing and ordering, Candid Color gives your business a constant competitive edge.

In addition to industry-leading products and systems, we offer our customers the best support in the industry. Candid Color has complete turn-key marketing systems to guide our customers through the booking, sales, photography and delivery of photos to their customer. Our expert photographers provide the necessary training, and even equipment rentals, to properly execute almost any type of event. From acquiring the business, to delivering the photos, we are with our customers every step of the way!

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Candid Color Systems® promise is to help you create and grow your photography business. We will do this via our seasoned staff of photo enthusiasts who are experienced in every nuance of event, sports, school, graduation and race photography. We will introduce you to the best marketing information specific to different markets, And show you how to use our proprietary software to reduce labor costs and increase revenue and profits for your business. We promise to provide new and innovative products that will put you ahead of your competition in your efforts to book more business. We also promise to deliver high quality prints in approximately 48 hours for most jobs. We offer the best value proposition in the business. Take advantage of us by letting us help you become the business you have always dreamed of.